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Need guidance on how load my music in Dropbox to work work with Rekordbox

I am having a hard time with Rekordbox professional plan and dropbox. When I move files from my local mac to dropbox and make them "online only", after a week or so the file size on dropbox changes from the normal flac or mp3 size to zero bytes. Since there is no file size the files do not open up in Rekordbox. I have deleted all my music twice from both Rekordbox and dropbox and started from scratch. I am hoping that I dont have to do it again. 

Mike Habit

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the problem you experience is caused by Apple and started with macOS Monterey 10.12.3 (so macOS Ventura is included) and how CloudServices behave.

I've created a solution for it, where (based on Rekordbox playlists) tracks can be downloaded to the Dropbox location (so what you expect).

In this AMA I explain all there is to know about Rekordbox & Dropbox

and here I show you how to use the Rekordbox Collection Tool to make online only tracks available again on affected macOS versions.

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