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Thumb Drive, SSHD, and SD cards not recognized by CDJ3000 or CDJ2000NXS2

I haven't touched my CDJ3000s (and 2000nxs2s) in a few months, went to plug in my hard drive today and it doesn't recognize it, been using it for years (I normally DJ with a controller and Rekordbox 5) . . . Tried the SD card, same problem, tried an older thumb drive to update the firmware, all formatted correctly, all been used many times in the past, none of them work now. I wonder if it's because I need to update to rekordbox 6 . . .  I can't update the firmware, but even my CDJ2000NXS2s aren't seeing the thumb drive, SSHD, or SD cards now, all three I have used before with these same CDJs . . . what's going on?  

I have Rekordbox 5.8.7, the newest version.  I have a MacBook pro M1Max (Intel) The SSHD is formatted Mac Os Extended (HFS+), the old thumb drive and the SD card are both formatted FAT32.


Rob Bennion

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