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Pro DJ Link 1.1.4 not working with CDJ-3000 V3.0.0

I have problems with connecting (and seeing) the CDJ-3000 in the Pro DJ Link tool.

Starting point:

MacOS Ventura 13.5.2
Rekordbox 6.7.5
Pro DJ link 1.1.4 (downloaded version 28 Feb 2023, after installation it still says: 1.1.4 dated 30/11/2022 ??)

2x CDJ-3000
1x V10

All three hooked-up by ethernet cables CAT6 and normal (none config) Switch 1Gb ports.

After hooking up, DJ Link app sees the 3 devices in Green, but the 2 CDJ-3000's have a white circle with horizontal stripe ??
In the DJ Link software I see the CDJ's (as linked device) but they both have firmware mentioned in RED (V3.0.0)

In the CDJs itself, I don't see the option to select (SOURCE) the Mac or Rekordbox? RB is in Export mode.

CDJ's are pingable from Mac towards the IP's of the CDJ's.

V10 is completly green and (seems) to work.

(Extra remark: no USB connected).

Anyone who can help me out, 

Thanks in advance


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