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Please, I need a lighting fixture for a moving head HY-G60 - GuangZhou HongYi


I tried all the moving heads fixture with 11 channels, but I always have problems with the colors.

The pan and the tilt are ok if I use a Tomshine - Mini Gobo Moving Head Light.

This is a link to an existing mapping :


Please, could you update your library for this device ?

- Manufacturer : GuangZhou HingYi Stage Lighting Equipment Co. Ltd

- Product : HY-G60

- Name 60W Spot moving Lighting

- Date 5/2021

I would be great if you could help me : I have 2 moving heads which are already in your library and 2 others not in the library.

Thanks a lot.


Christophe JANDOT Completed

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I'm glad to write again. I tried this device, but the colors are not mapped correctly.

If I force the color to Red with Rekordbox, with this fixture, the spot is white. The green become yellow+green, the blue becomes blue+green, the magenta becomes blue and magenta.

Moreover, I'm sure this device has only 11 channels, because I use it with a DMX Software (Daslight).

Is it possible to access to my local library to create a new fixture ?

Christophe JANDOT 0 votes
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In order to add the 11 channel mode we need proper documentation. Colors are also not working properly because we are missing color wheel channel DMX details. Could you please send us the full manual?

On behalf of Pioneer DJ,
AtlaBase Ltd

Pavlos Mavridis - AtlaBase 0 votes
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