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Using a 48v Phantom Power Mic with DJM-V10 via Xvive P1 Portable Phantom Power

This is a bit of a long shot, but if you don't ask...

The DJM-V10 does not support phantom power for mics, which is a shame as I really wanted to use my Rode NT-5 mic (which requires 48v Phantom Power) which is mounted over my DJ console on a handy Heil articulated arm.

There is a rather snazzy Xvive P1 Portable Phantom Power device which can be charged via USB and plugged directly into the mic to provide the required power and claims to last up to 40 hours. Great because it's just a simple insert between the XLR lead from the DJM-V10 and the mix itself and small and unobtrusive.  But not cheap at about £50

However, some are reporting it doesn't work.  AKG mics seem to be a problem with it.  Has anybody by any chance successfully used a mic requiring 48v Phantom Power with the DM-V10 and if so, with which mic and which adapter?  Are you happy with the results?



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