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Manual Looping with the IN and OUT Points and the Quantize function - Serato DJ

Hey guys, hope you're doing great.

I did not find something with the search function here thats why i'm asking. 

I was also searching for an answer in the Serato DJ Forum but they told me to ask here.

Is there any way or maybe future software option of doing manual loops the way like you can do them on CDJs with Rekordbox by Pressing the Loop IN and OUT buttons on the fly and result snapping to the beatgrids?

Autoloops are doing this perfectly fine and i use them for many years now but i want to change the way i'm looping a little bit but i'm not that accurate to press the ins and outs perfectly...

On Rekordbox this is working awesome.

Thanks alot and a nice day guys.

greetings DJ Olde

Jannis schreiner

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