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Exact Match for the search bar

Hi, the search feature is very useful, but a little limited because it searches any part of the field selected. For example, when I search "Tech House" in the Genre field, it will show any track that has "tech" and "house" in the Genre filed, meaning things that are tagged as "Electro-House/Techno" will show up.

These days dance tracks span multiple genres and they really blend together, so I tag my tracks with several genres this way.

It would be super helpful if I could type "Tech House" (with the quotes) into the search box to tell it to search for that exact string in that order. Or maybe there could simply be a checkbox next to the search field for "Exact Match" or whatever you want to call it.

Hopefully you consider this feature. I think it would help many other users as well. Thanks!

Tony R

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