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Help! My Laptop Crashes When Connecting to My XDJ Controller. Any Fixes?

Hello Everyone

I'm reaching out to the community with a perplexing issue that's been throwing a wrench into my DJing groove. Every time I try to connect my laptop Legion Pro 5 Gen 8 to my XDJ-RX3 controller, it results in a complete laptop crash or freeze, and it's driving me crazy during my performances.

Is there anyone out there who has experienced something similar, or do you have any suggestions for troubleshooting and fixing this problem? Here's a bit more context to help you understand the situation:

I've already tried a range of solutions, including updating my drivers, switching USB ports, and even reinstalling my DJ software, but nothing seems to do the trick. 

Let's join forces to troubleshoot and get back to what we love—spinning great music without those pesky crashes. Thanks a ton in advance

John Harries

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