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XDJ-RX3 connect to laptop with Rekordbox

Hi all,

I just bought an XDJ RX3. I would like to connect my laptop with Rekordbox to the RX3. I assume that this way I can access the playlists in Rekordbox on my laptop via the RX3 (instead of always exporting everything to a separate USB stick).

I connect the laptop via the USB cable to the USB port on the back of the RX3 and click on the 'Source' button. Here I find the 'Software Control' option which I select. Then the 2 load buttons flash. I press both.

Then I can't do anything. I don't see any playlists, no tracks, nothing.

In Rekordbox on my laptop I changed the audio driver to XDJ-RX3 ASIO via 'settings'.

Am I doing something wrong? I can't figure it out anymore and hope you can help me

Jarig Soepboer

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RB has to be in export mode and you most likely need a driver if you are using a pc


in page 31 of the manual it explains it


rekordbox Link Export
You can directly select and play tracks in rekordbox with this unit when the unit is connected
via a USB cable to a PC/Mac running rekordbox. You can play tracks with cues, loops, and
Hot Cues previously set in rekordbox.
• Install the rekordbox (Mac/Windows) USB connection (Link Export) driver software before
connecting the unit to a PC/Mac with a USB cable (page 13).
• For information on the connection with rekordbox for iOS, refer to the FAQ at the URL
• You can’t use mobile devices running rekordbox for Android with the unit.

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