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DJM-A9 Windows Driver cuts audio stream when interacting with other programs.

Your Windows driver is borked again! Just like it took years to fix your DLL for the NXS line-up, all three 900, 900NXS and NXS2 all suffered from a midi and audio bug, and you fixed it just in time for the 3000's to come out, thanks Pioneer!

In the below folder is 3 videos, 1 of which is related to the A9 bug. The other 2 are related to another post about PRO DJ LINK on Windows already posted.


The Problem then is as follows:

At a random time after playing windows audio, from a browser like a radio station or from a player like VLC or WMP, The audio will just stop playing. When looking into the windows volume meters, it clearly never stopped. The signal is being sent out to the DJM driver, but it's not going to the DJM anymore. 

Changing the audio out device and switching it back again resolves the issue immediately.

You can replicate it by just going about using your computer whilst listening to anything you like.at some point it will just stop. See the Video, it's very obvious when it happens, and I can only stop it happening by continuing to keep the window focus on the window that is playing.

Browser tabs in the same browser do not create the effect, it has to be a completely separate program you are clicking and interacting with than the one playing, but 2 browsers, 1 playing audio the other not will do it.

Expensive hardware once again borked windows drivers. 

Robbie Ennoia-Abstrkt Miller

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