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How to use TRAKTOR Pro 3 effects with DJM-750 MK2 ? (send turn on problem)

Hey, Pioneer DJ, 

1. I'm asking you to update the firmware for the DJM750mk2 because I seem to have found a bug. We purchased a new DJM750mk2 and this is the only bug in an otherwise great mix.

When i wanted to use the effects loop visible in the "DJM-750mk2 setting utility" i found that the internal effects loop via the traktor dj software using the main usb (portA) on the mix side is currently not running (send buton is not blue, even though i have the ports mapped correctly on the traktor side. There is no SEND signal coming from the mix. 

I realize that the official solution is to use an external device such as an ipad or iphone, but it seems a shame to limit the external effector via usb to only external devices via another usb port. Since I already have one device - a macbook air m1. And I don't plan to buy any ipad.
Because the Inter-App Audio interface is deprecated in iOS, and no more effects will be created on iOS devices using this API in the future. Which is another reason for making this fix for traktor.

 When the mix design exists it is suitable for this use and I think it's just a matter of tweaking/fixing a bug in the firmware.

I found same usability with DJM-V10 here

my scheme of conection:

description: When I turn on the tractor on the DJM-750Mk2 setup utility and select the correct channel the SEND indicator in the utility is blue (active from my perspective), but even when I try to turn it on with the on/off button, and turn the level knob to maximum no signal is sent to the tractor.

I would like to use the effects unit in traktor dj for using the internal usb effects loop. Thank you. If you make this modification I can make a celebratory video on it. 

2. Midi message on control 60 (according to your documentation) does not work. No messages are sent.

3.Another less important point is the question on the android app for recording sets. (It only exists on iphone and ipad, which again is a big shame).

Thank you your new user Bob / Czech republic.


Lubomir Brezina

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