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XDJ-RX Feature Request

1. Variable cross fade time when using automix. It would be handy as I like to automix dinner music and a nice fade would sound better than just playing one track after the next.

2. When browsing play lists. I wish we could see the artist and bpm when in default sort mode. Having just the track names doesn't give enough info. I know I can sort by artist or bpm but sometimes I don't want the list resorted I just want to see the extra details.

3. Probably not possible but some type of auto gain to normalize track volume would be nice. I'm used to Virtual DJ which has auto gain so all my tracks mix at about the same volume. I noticed after my first gig with the XDJ-RX my track volumes are not all the same. Perhaps this is something that could be done with recordbox before exporting to the thumbdrive.

4. A smart playlist that would be able to bring up my 100 most played songs would be awesome. And a smart playlist of compatible songs (same key and within 5 bpm or so). I know we can search by key and filter by bpm. I'm just looking for a quicker way to do it.

I'm a mobile dj that does a lot of weddings, school dances and bar gigs. I'm just hoping for a few tweaks that will make this system work better for my company. I think this mixer is about 90% perfect and I'm planning to replace 5 other controllers with the XDJ-RX by spring. Bye bye laptops!

Brian Bingham

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5. An option to auto remove played from the Tag List.

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