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Sort tracks/Tag list on the CDJ 3000 Help/Request?

I have the CDJ-3000 set up at home and I use the Tag list to create playlists. But if I want to change the order of the Playlist I have to take out my USB and put it in my Laptop...

What I have been doing as a work around is make a whole new Tag list in a new order or with Track removed or added the "Create Playlist".

Am I missing something? Is there a way to change the order of the Playlist or the Tag list on the CDJ?

If i'm not missing anything it surely would be a simple update you could do to be able to move a track up and down a list or remove/replace.

Since you can delete whole Playlist and create new ones form Tag lists, and sort by the categories. Just being able to Sort Playlist or Tag list doesnt seem far fetched.

If i'm missing a trick please Help.


leeban Ismail

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