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Toraiz SP-16 - Step modulate sample Playback Speed+Direction

It seems like some basic playback parameters can already be modulated on a step, and you can reverse a sample in the playback menu. But it doesn't look like the playback direction can be modulated for step.

If you implemented a way to do this in combination with playback speed then it'd be really powerful.

Options/range which would be good: 

x4 (double double speed)

x2 (double speed)

x1.5 (a 1 bar loop would loop after 3 beats)

x1 (normal)

÷1.5 (reversed - a 1 bar loop would loop after 6 beats)

÷2 (reverse half speed)

÷4 (stupidly sluggish)

Rainer Veil

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