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TORAIZ v1.2 Feature requests

Pioneer dev's, please have a read through this. Responses welcome! Even if it is to dash our hopes, at least we'll know what might happen and what won't...


  • More than 1 LFO per track
  • More then 1 FX per track
  • 2nd envelope for modulation per track
  • Modulation of master FX
  • Copy / Paste trigs
  • Copy / Paste pads
  • ability to record in real time pad mutes and modulation data for filter and fx
  • ability to record in real time volume changes
  • Ability to record touch strip in realtime (post-trigger / pad trig)
  • Ability to record knob movements in realtime (not just trig-locking them)
  • Remove 32 second sample limit :) :) :) 
  • saving over existing samples (broken Save and Replace)
  • Set patterns to different lengths (and tracks too for ultimate flexibility)
  • Sample banks per scenes (this would alleviate the 32 second sample limit pain!)
  • Saving (and loading) kits / sample banks and assigning on a pattern basis (or even better - changing kits on the fly (elektron octatrack style!) 
  • Be able to adjust start point of 1st slice and end of last slice
  • Step modulate sample Playback Speed+Direction



-undo function for last thing edited




-editable pads brightness

-more trigger options: loop untrigger

-fx to pad pressure



-editable trigs brightness


-fast/slow knob response with shift+knob on every parameter (volumes, sends, etc..)


-finer resolution 

-assign to all or selection of pads at the same time - and to master FX

-allow touch strip actions for sequenced sounds (only pads live play at the moment)

-fx send on user action


- could behave as a X-Y pad for FX

-display of current project name




-save the recording threshold value

-start/stop sampling over external midi control

-bpm detection

-sampling at selectable frequencies (lo-fi)

-voice polyphony (4 announced? 8 or 16 possible?)

-arpeggiator- the touch strip could drive either the playing rate (resolution : 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8...) or the number of octaves.

-sample layering

-normalize (and make it sounds magic like on the ASR10)

-mono option

-different time stretching options according to material being stretched



-saving to disk or USB stick

-disk/usb file management: copy/paste/delete

-being able to overwrite a sample name already taken

-more than 32sec

-save a set of 16 pads with their loaded samples to a kit. 

-more than 16 samples per patterns (sample banks ala MPC)



-better loop edit bpm/ number of bars controls independent or linked

-finetuning of samples

-easy start/end points zooming

-zero crossing points

-fade in / fade out, cross fade looping



-individual BPM, name, sample layout (kits)

-snapshot save to pattern

-copy/paste to other projects

-loop of patterns or scenes, or bars



-when we extent from 1 bar to 4, the sequence to be copied over.

-copy and paste bars or sections

-polymeter tracks (individual track lenghts)

-probability on trigs in % and in any combination of the 4 bars, and on a variation sequence- copy elektron analog rytm/A4/AK here! 

-parameter lock (automation) live record

-volume automation

-copy/paste trig automation

-live sampling/looping in sync made simple

-Increase recording PPQ for more non quantized accuracy 

-glide control on automated parameters

-possibility to loop individual bar(s) or parts of it, within or across bars.

-sample lock (select sample per trig)

-transpose group of tracks

-trigs shift backwards or forwards along sequence 



-copy and paste to other tracks same or different patterns/scenes

-select a track without triggering it

-not choke other pads when they are muted


-input thru option



-bring a different color intensity when a track is muted

-momentary or latch trigger

-muted tracks don't choke related tracks



-edit length, speed, pitch (microtonal), reverse, loop, save individual as separate samples

-pads to blink if they are being triggered by sequencer



-editable: common ones+user ones


-playable on external keyboard



-prog change send/receive

-scenes/patterns/songs control over midi

-editable CC control and midi channels

-midi in to DJ LINK PRO out? 

-midi file import



-compressor, limiter, bit crusher, downsampling, distortion, harmonizer, pitch shifter, auto panning, auto-wha, 

-choose between track or master

-2 at least per track and 2 master (+ independant DSI filter send)

-EQ and filters separate to FXs on each tracks

- Quick FX or Live FX : master FX to spice up a loop with a quick fill-in or variation. These would be all existing FX, in a momentary fashion (triggered on the fly), with parameters controlled via the Low Pass Cutoff and Resonance knobs. Deck Stop, Deck Start, Tape Delay, whatever... Think of the SP-404 where you can go crazy with just one loop running, the "DJFX Looper" button engaged, and messing around with the two rotary control knobs...

-saving/recall of FX settings



-x2 per tracks!

-to VCF/VCA/FX/ retrigger/ pitch/ ENV/ slice&loop points/ 



-on VCF (digitals and analogs)

-trigger mode: toggle / loop

-full ADSR

-amplitude envelope follower on filter



-track grouping

-cue system for sample preview (announced?)

-2 sends



-sync from XDJ-RX and non nexus2 gear

-sync from computer via ethernet? Ableton/ Traktor/ Serato/ RekordBox


Simon Fine

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This is a fantastic list Simon, thank you for putting this together. 
I don't see saving over existing samples (broken Save and Replace) in this list, nor do I see it in the list of the things fixed in 1.2. Am I missing something?

James Womack 0 votes
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Simon, I'd like to add the ability to have different pattern lengths per track. That's a pretty essential piece of composing dance music IMHO.

James Womack 1 vote
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List updated. Any more ideas and I'll add them to the top.


Upvote the top post folks - keep it at the top!

Simon Fine 0 votes
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This is excellent Simon agree and second. 

TCO TCO (Cosmic Order) 0 votes
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Name of project at top of home page.

Delete samples without having to connect to the computer

Fix bug with touch strip in repeat mode sometimes looses timing until it starts at first bar again


Morris forieri 0 votes
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Nice one for including my request. Looking forward (hoping) to see an answer to this. I reckon some of the ideas in the list are doable in version 1.2 though?

Rainer Veil 0 votes
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Just in the interests of cleaning up the list.I think you can realtime record fx modulation and touch strip already. Adjusting slices has been improved in v1.2. To copy a "kit" would currently have to copy a scene (or is it a bank?) and delete the patterns. If I'm wrong then tell me to get lost.

Rainer Veil 0 votes
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Rainer, you can't record real-time fx modulation by turning the knobs, which is what's being requested, you can currently only do this with trig locks or lfo).

You can record touchstrip modulation but only at the time of each trig gate, you can't change modulation once the sample has been triggered. For example, trig a sample loop on beat 1 and while it's looping try to record pitch modulation from the touchstrip on a later trig, say trig 8 for example. It won't record. Same when unit is playing or stopped.

Re kits / banks, it would be so useful to be able to choose a different bank or kit within the same scene. Elektron octatrack can do this (called parts) and it's very powerful.

Simon Fine 0 votes
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And also we need a time length and name on our tracks we need to know the full length of project songs and names right from the screen we are on.

Jova 0 votes
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In that case, yup, defo need that shit. From the demos I'd seen I didn't think that data was only recorded at a trig point

Rainer Veil 0 votes
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I have merged the 2 feature request threads. I tried a few times going through and editing out duplicate requests and some requests that have been delivered (such as pad brightness) but the system is a bit flaky and kept crashing out on me, so I gave up!


Anyway, Pioneer, have a good look through this top post please!

Simon Fine 0 votes
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I would like to add the Sample Ram/Memory Management Feature. Somewhere within Utilities and by Project where you can see the RAM Utilized and Available so you can plan ahead and not run into 'Out of Memory' issues which is totally frustrating for a $1500 product. Imagine if you were in a midst of a live session , wanting to improvise and set up a new scene and run into memory issues. 

The User Manual requires a full page on efficient sample and memory handling.

Another feature i would like to add is an App- similar to Remix Box for the RMX where you can plan your projects, scenes, samples, routings, efx e.t.c and export to the Toraiz. 

TCO TCO (Cosmic Order) 0 votes
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I'd be down to develop an app for the Toraiz if Pioneer documented a programming API and their project format

James Womack 0 votes
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Hi everyone,

This is my first post but have been lurking for a while. Thanks for sharing all the knowledge!

Anyways, here's something small that's been annoying me a bit that I would love to see added in...

Having a play marker scroll across the sample while replaying in the recording section would be awesome. There's already one implemented in the track section so not sure why we don't get one in the recording window. This would really help visually with setting initial start and end points of samples.

Ray Robinson 3 1 vote
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i noticed that a while back ago and it is a good idea to have it on the record as well and save only the piece we want.

Jova 0 votes
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Here's another concept that I think would make a world of a difference for the Toraiz...

Copy and pasting of samples and individual slices of samples. (Both from the sample recording screen and from the chopping screen)

This would effectively allow us to create saveable "kits" for once.

By chopping and saving / grouping different slices to new tracks we could then save the whole track as one sample, a kit basically. This would be great for chopping drums. This would also be cool for simply rearranging sample chops so we could play them on the pads in our own preffered layout.

Pioneer: Please, please, please add in this function. It's a game changer.

Ray Robinson 3 1 vote
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Just wanted to bump this and add my support to this feature request list.

Toraiz is really good but I really want it to become great!

Dustin Colyer 0 votes
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Very comprehensive list of features that would be so good to have implemented!

Ben Binary 0 votes
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