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DDJ-RX & DDJ-SP1 only for the sampler?


I own a DDJ-RX & DDJ-SP1and I would like to know if theres any way the I could use my DDJ-SP1 to only control all of the sampler and it's functions? I tried to set the SP1 to "Midi mode" for third party software, but Rekorbox still recognizes the SP1 as a Rekordbox controller.

Example if I'm in hot cue mode in my DDJ-RX, I would like for my SP1 to stay sampler mode. In other words, I don't want for the mode to change on the SP1, when I change the mode on the DDJ-RX.

Is there a settings change that I can do to get this to work the way I'd like it to?


Rodrigo Peraza

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