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Rekordbox BIG BUG 4.2.4 build 8752-9690-9703 x64


When preparing songs on the PC with the RZX shut off, Rekordbox keeps asking the PC for ASIO to the controller, to the point of crashing, after first becoming so slow you can't work with it.

The procedure is then to restart the PC with the controller going, otherwise Rekordbox will die while you prepare your songs. 

But you don't want that cause you just want to prepare your songs on the PC without touching the damn controller, until you're gonna mix again in a weeks time!

Switching to EXPORT mode helps nothing, still slow to the point of eventually crashing.

So, fix this like this: When controller is dead(shut off) let me play with Rekordbox on the PC speakers without any fu***g ASIO death call; its the controller that should do the ASIO call to the PC not the other way around.

If I missed something, please correct me so I can move on, or include a fix for this in the next code bake!

Im using Win 10 X64 on a very very powerful PC on USB 3.0 with a fat new USB cable without any latency issues or sound distorsions, so its not that good old bug.

Thank you



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