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I want to buy a new set up for practicing gigs where I will play on CDJ2000's. Because the 2000's are too expensive for me I am going with something more basic. I was thinking about buying the DDJ RX because of the cool extra's and 4 decks, but lately some DJ friends told me to go for the XDJ RX because it should mirror the CDJ2000 set up more (especially the part where you work with a small screen instead of a laptop screen).

I really wonder, to transfer your skills to the club and instinctively play your set, it is better to go for a XDJ to practice, or is the DDJ also good enough for that?
The thing is, I would really love to play with 4 decks but if the XDJ gives me more confidence for club gigs than I have to prioritize that.
Secondly, if you guys would also recommend me to choose the XDJ, is it better to buy it now or do you guys think a 4 deck version is around the corner?


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