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Played State reset, preview Player and Played State import in XDJ´s

Hallo everybody,

would be nice to be able to reset the played state of a single Track in the XDJ´s (XDJ-1000 for example) in an easy way


to have an option to listen of a song befor it actually really loaded to the deck. Something like a preview player in the Browser-Mode.


I´m used to dj with Traktor and there it was easy to pre-listen the tracks in the Browser. Or if you had a Track in the Deck but then recognized it doesn´t fit so good as thought you put another one in the deck and could reset the unplayed song´s played state by only right clicking the song and select the option "reset played state".


And a third suggestion, i don´t know if possible somehow... to import the played state from a previous dj-set... so you won´t play the same songs again. Sometimes I play 2 or 3 set´s a night, for Example warm-up, Last Dj and than maybee even one more for after hour. If I remove the stick (what I´m usally do) the played state of the songs played befor that night are gone.


Would be really nice to have these features implemented in a new Firmware, would help me a lot.


Thanks for reading



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