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Unable to find files after restoring from a time machine backup.

 My Macbook pro has broken and I have a back up with 'Time Machine' on an external hard drive. I have bought a new Mac book (running El Capitan) and would like to transfer my library to another external drive.

I have been living abroad where I have been backing up my library via Rekordbox 'Back Up Library' and have had no problem migrating libraries in the past. Since being back in the UK I have been backing up my computer with Time Machine not backing up my library as before .My playlists and all my tracks are showing and some of my old files are playing (I think it's those that I backed up via Rekordbox 'Back Up Library' many months ago. But when trying to relocate the tracks they are greyed out in the finder window. Sometimes not finding them at all. I know they are there because when I go into the folders manually I can see them. 

Also RB 3 works fine but after downloading fro the website the latest version isn't working. It downloads and loads up but then nothing appears on the screen? 

Any suggestions? As I have thousands of songs and will need my music for gigs very soon. Thank you in advance. 


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