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cdj2000 nexus not auto loading hot cue points


i have 2 cdj2000 nexus players.

They do not auto load hot cue points regardless the box "auto load hot cue points" on rekordbox is turned on or not..

Also did load these settings into my players.

Also did everything there is to be found on the internet regarding this.

Still, only the first track i play auto loads hot cue points.

After the next and the next and the next track it wont and i have to manually load every cue point. Very annoying.

I only use max 3 hot cue points(A,B,C) or loops varying from 16 to 32 beats.

I made sure i did nothing that exceeds the player.

I use FW 1.43 and RB 6.3.3


Lars Schuurmans

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