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FLX400 not recognized by my Windows laptop

I recently got a FLX 400 and have been having trouble connecting it to my laptop for weeks. My laptop does not seem to recognize it (I've checked in device manager), even though the lights on the controller are on. To make sure it wasn't a power issue I have the FLX connected to a 9v 3a supply. I checked on another laptop with rekordbox and it got recognized so I'm not sure what the issue is. I have used the usb-c port on my laptop with no issues, and I never had any problems with using a DDJ400. 

One interesting note is that while troubleshooting a few days ago the controller wasn't recognized, and I left it plugged in with rekordbox running for an hour or two by accident, and upon coming back the FLX400 was recognized. I have also somehow gotten it to work once or twice with the controller drawing power from my regular USB 3.0 port. My first thought would have been that there is a loose connection in my USB-C port, however if I plug an external drive into that port it is always recognized and does not frequently get disconnected and reconnected. 


Dario Rizzuto

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