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xdj 1000 mk2 struggling to connect to traktor 3 or rekorbox

hey guys-I've been trying for so many hours with this but not getting anywhere

I have upgraded my old cdj1000 (old cd decks, not new) to XDJ 1000mk2

I am still using my analogue mixer as I also have some technics turntables-I don't wish to change my mixer

Now I want to use the HID feature-firstly I can't unlock performance mode on rekordbox as XDJ1000 aren't supported-Is there any way of using XDJ1000 mk 2 free with rekorbox to control the software in HID mode


Otherwise, I am already used to traktor and have been using it for years. The issue that I have is that I can connect traktor up and it is recognised. I am using the latest version. Latest firmware on XDJ's also. I am also use the aggregate tool. Once I open up and try and use, it allows me to control the virtual decks but both decks from traktor come through one input only on the mixer-it is so frustrating-pls can somebody help me to solve the traktor problem

thanks in advance


Shi Karim

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