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DJM900 NXS Custom Wood Side Panels with Fans

I think a nice addition to Pioneer DJ's DJM mixer should be the introduction of a limited edition "retro" version, with rotary knobs and wood side panels that hold small cooling fans.

I personally think just the wood side panels alone increases the overall look of the mixer giving it a more expensive and luxurious look.

At the current mixers price point and looking at both versions side by side I would gladly pay more for the wood version. More profit Pioneer and a better looking mixer for the DJ seems like a win win.

I modified my own DJM900-NXS2 with the suggestions that I listed above to give myself a retro look and a real world perspective of what it would actually look like. I personally love it, and have had nothing but positive compliments from many different types of DJ's. If you want the exact details of the modifications I did please let me know.


DJ Tunnelboy

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That's pretty cool looking. Where did you get the rotary kit?

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