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Problem with Rekordbox/DDJ FLX 10 mic not working

Hello everyone.

The problem I'm having is that I cannot get my Shure SM7B mic to work when it's plugged into my DDJ FLX 10.

I'm using Rekordbox as my DJ program. My mic is a dynamic mic that doesn't require phantom power (I've read somewhere that condenser mics need phantom power and the controller doesn't provide phantom power) I'm on Windows 10 as I write this.

I plugged my mic into the XLR connection on the back of my controller, clicked the "Show/Hide" mixer panel button in Rekordbox to see the mic levels, but there is no "Mic ON" button visible on Rekordbox's interface, just the mic and headphone icons. They also look greyed out. I've seen a screenshot of how a working setup should look, but mine looks nothing like the screenshot. I've linked a screenshot comparison below



My mic works just fine in other programs such as Discord and various other video and voice chat programs. I even tried to go into the Windows Privacy settings to see if Rekordbox was allowed to use my mic. To my surprise, every other program that needs permission to use my mic is listed, but not Rekordbox. I'm not sure how to manually add Rekordbox as an approved program to use my mic, if that's even possible, but this step may not even be necessary.

I'm an internet radio DJ. I recently upgraded to the DDJ FLX 10 back in December. I love the controller but I'm frustrated I can't get my mic to work. I really don't want to use another audio interface just for my mic. I'd rather have it connected to the controller itself and have both the music and mic sent to the master output.

So, hopefully I've explained the situation well enough for someone out there to help me troubleshoot this. It could be something really simple to fix, but I can't really tell at this point, I was thinking it's more of a Rekordbox setting than something that needs to be done on the controller, but I've run out of ideas. 

Thanks in advance.


Markus Zorin

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Hi mate did you managed to get any answers my new FLX 10 has the exact same problem.  The mike works with everything else but no sound and is greyed out on the Rekorbox interface same as yours ta.

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check it out. this is what they wrote me back with...

"Pulse (Pioneer DJ Global)

Apr 10, 2024, 12:48 GMT+9

"With the FLX10, the mic controls are not operated within software; please use the hardware controls for that."
Thank you,

AlphaTheta Support Manager"

With that said I checked for the following,

privacy and security mic "on"

added the mic to my streaming software...Microphone (2-DDJ-FLX10)

BTW it only works when you add it through sources and not settings...OBS.

although the software stays greyed out everything works.

I cannot depend on Alpha for further support. "Use the hardware and not the software"....Great Going Over There....Thanks.

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