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Linux needs it's rekordbox version!

Hello community and Officials

With this post, i don't want to offend anyone, please understand.

I know, there are a lot of posts about a Linux version of rekordbox, but why not starting a new one after 1+ years?

Normally the posts are commented from Officials (thank you) and posts will be closed and every time with same reason:

  • not enough users
  • too less sales
  • to much costs

But why?

Today, with cross platform development it's possible, YEAH ;)

See Mixxx, OpenSource, Free and for ALL: https://mixxx.org/

They are able to and just do it...

C'mon Pioneer or even AlphaTheta... that can't be your plan..

My post has a big reason... and so i hope lot of you will follow it:

  • working, developing, hosting,... since over 20 years on Linux systems also DJ'ing on Linux systems
  • on some Pioneer devices the OS itself.. isn't it based on a linux OS and also some lib's for rekordbox (read through the about of rekordbox)?
  • Win 11 crashes on analyzing tracks after complete new laptop, OS installation and latest rekordbox version!!
  • Win 11 is much better then others.. but still... no further comments
  • MAC ok, can be a alternative.. but they are going back to their first steps on MAC OS: support only own hardware (easy described)

Why not getting help from community?

Why not let us help to build a Linux version?

... and don't comment like:

  • Creating a Linux version means broader support for not only the software, but also the drivers for hardware and its accompanying software.

c'mon.. we are in 2024... we have a big amount of cracks over the world, they know hardware and how to develop correctly it's usage, see OBS Studio, Kdenlive, MythTV and a lot of similar apps...

really... link to a old Twitter post from 2019?

  • TL;DR: It's too expensive to create and maintain for too small a market.

check the community, it's bigger then you wish!!!

  • Sorry, but there are no plans for a Linux version of rekordbox or any Pioneer DJ drivers. Thank you for your understanding.

there must be a plan, home work must be re-defined...

  • I made it to the end, but unfortunately there's nothing here that is going to sway the engineers and biz-dev teams to reconsider. The potential revenue stream from Linux users does not outweigh the cost of engineering and supporting it.

.. there are more official answers.. let's get forward.

Please... Officials, don't just link to existing posts and close this...

Many thanks for all for reading, following, sharing ;)

Have all a nice day, keep DJ'ing and with best regards

dj noway | no way back - just dance

dj noway

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good morning @Gabriel

many thanks for reading and post is moved to Product & Feature Suggestion topic.

Best regards


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