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(Please Fix Fixture) Rockville Stage Panel 864

I understand this light is already on rekordbox lighting database but it doesn't work correctly. This light has two types (RGB that we can call a par light, and a strobe) and i'll see patterns that are only supposed to be on the RGBs happening on the strobes, and as shown in the picture below, the fixture just appears to be broken because of how messed up the mappings appear to be.

all four modes appear to have incorrect mappings, with the closest one being the 4 channel mode but even then, the strobe does not work I believe because it's labeled a "white" fixture and not "strobe"

8 functioning rgb panels and at least just one slider to make a strobe work (somehow separate them like on my chauvet GigBar maybe? This works SUPER well)

Thank you so much! I just managed to get a DMX1 and really want to use these lights at a gig!

Adam Lazhar Not planned

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Please take some help from the mapping of the Chauvet Color Strike M, a very similar but more well known fixture if it helps

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Hello Adam,

rekordbox lighting engineers saw the fixture "Rockville Stage Panel 864" and assume the eight blocks and the horizontal bars work in different modes. 

 However, all the channels, where modes can be changed, are with (*2) "unsupported" so that rekordbox cannot control them.  
When using the simulator, all the blocks are lit in the same way as shown below. 

Therefore, when the fixture is connected to rekordbox, the fixture may not work separately so that the fixture will work just like it is broken.

Will you please send some values using DMX Direct Control to the yellow-surrounded channel CH0002: RGB Mode Effects (*2) to see if the fixture is lit as expected or not? 

The setting value of DMX Direct Control is below.

* Please send a value like 255, which is other than 0, to CH1: Dimmer.
The excerpt of the manual is shown below. 

(Actually, the chart continues much longer, but other portions are left out.)

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