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Rekordbox crashing when exporting playlists

I'm suddenly experiencing issues with exporting/syncing my playlists to my usb device. I recently updated to the latest version (6.8.2) and yesterday, Rekordbox crashed when I attempted to sync multiple playlists. I've never had issues before. I tried reformatting the usb (FAT32) and even bought a new usb today, the same thing happens. It syncs to about 12%-30% and then crashes. I attempted to just sync one playlist at a time, and it's still crashing. I'm wondering if this is due to the latest version of Rekordbox? Do I have to uninstall the program? Can I downgrade to 6.8.1? 

Charlie Villas

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stick to 6.8.0, anything past that has been problematic for a lot of people with syncing playlists.


Maybe throw in a ticket here https://rekordbox.com/en/support/contact/

the engineers can troubleshoot also what's going on to resolve the issue for future releases but in the meantime, download and run 6.8.0

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