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Importing Playlists from device without duplicating files


I am currently having issues with duplicate files being created when I am importing playlists from my old USB stick to a new Rekordbox on a new laptop.

I have been through this procedure before successfully using older versions of Rekordbox when transferring on older laptops, however with Rekordbox 6, seems to be my problem.

I am able to follow all the steps, creating a playlist of all my tracks, then importing this playlist, so that is my whole collection. Then when I go to import all my actual playlists, Rekordbox should detect that the songs already exist in my collection, so should give me the option to either 1.Import, 2.Update Collection or 3.Skip (add to playlist only). It is this 3rd option that I want to select.

However Rekordbox 6 isn't giving me this pop up option. Instead Rekordbox is not recognising that the file already exists in my Collection and so the 'Import Playlist From Device' window is just giving me the option to 1.Copy or 2.Do Not Copy

Why is my Rekordbox not recognising that the tracks already exist in my collection. This methodology has worked seamlessly for me before, but now it's not working. Any help is much appreciated on this. 



Rhy Tm

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I just downgraded back to version 6.7.7. and my desired windows pops up again.

on top we got rid of the device library plus which is in its current form just not handy to use.

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