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Detailed differences between DJS and SP

Some other minor detailed differences no one’s talking about...

DJS does mutes per pattern. SP does not.

DJS has a better/deeper undo function

SP has sends and master FX. However, you can only use either the sends or master FX. Can’t use both at the same time

Since the DJS has no send FX, the only reverb is on the performance FX

DJS does not have a volume control

DJS has a hot swap scene function. Meaning, you can just jump straight to another pattern inside a different scene versus picking a scene than a choosing a pattern. SP can’t do the hot swap.

Extending a sequence on the SP automatically copies the bars. On the DJS, you have to manually do it

Little stuff like all that.


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This is really interesting information. Thank you!


If SP-16 got all those features I would be very happy.


Teles 0 votes
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The Sp-16 can also swap with 1.4

The sp-16 can sample 64 sec and 8 bars sample

teja vogt 0 votes
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The SP16 can use more of 8bar (or more) And the DJS can do THE SAME (but with 32s)

I preter the MUTE of SP-16

Because the MUTE of DJS you can not change the patterns! (Its impossible tô play with diffèrent patterns with the MUTE of the DJS!

Its a Shit.

Rafa 0 votes
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