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Playback issue with Firmware update still with Beta


I installed the Beta version hoping that the issue posted in https://forums.pioneerdj.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115011892066-AAAHHHRRG-playback-issue-after-firmware-update-to-1-07-DDJ-RR-?input_string=Playback%20issue%20with%20Firmware%20update%20still%20with%20Beta would have been already resolved in the Beta. 

This is not the case. You mentioned that it will be resolved in A FUTURE UPDATE. Please confirm that this will be addressed as soon as possible as Rekordbox is almost unusable for me with this bug (or please suggest how I get go back to the previous version of the firmware for DDJ-RR). 

Thank you!

Peter Answered

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Sorry, I'm not sure when it will be updated.

And to clarify, this doesn't make it unusable, it's a minor nuisance where you simply need to move the pitch fader.

Thanks for your patience.

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