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The start and end points of the Automix have changed (Recordbox)

Hello everyone, have the beta version of Recordbox 5.1.0 rev. Download and try 12543-12737-12730 x64. NEW: - Find phrases in each song (Intro, Huck, Down, UP, etc.) - Automix has been added (create playlist and let it run in Automix), where we find a start and an end point for the transitions - Similar songs can be saved as playlists and provided with criteria as far as cool, however, there are also questions like: - why is no wave preview generated when analyzing the tracks - The display of the phrases is also only sporadically and, above all, what are these for? What practical benefits do these phrases have? - Automix does not move the start or end point of the song. It always starts on the first taxt. It would be nice if you could move this. Otherwise, it works well with it. Can anyone of you out there help answer my questions or is it too early, as it's a beta? If I had an address I'd write to Recordbox myself, but there's definitely someone vill. one or the other can answer. LG MAJA

Maik Jaehde

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