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Automatically update playlist with new tracks from source folder

 So let say I have the folder "House" on my desktop and I move it to Rekordbox, where it creates a playlist called "House" because folders and subfolders are not possible(at least on XDJ-700 with rekordbox analyzed and so on). It would be really nice to automatically add and analyze new tracks to the playlist "House" whenever I add tracks to the source folder "House". Is that somehow possible ?




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Short answer, no it's not possible. 


However there is a possible workaround method, which will require a few manual steps. 

Determine a MyTag you want to use to mark the tracks from this folder. Create an intelligent playlist and choose MyTag with the parameter '='. Enter the MyTag. (You can also use genre if they're all tagged the same).

Now for the manual part, you'll have to import the folder each day (or time) you add new stuff to it). Sort your collection based on date added to get the latest and tag them with the MyTag. If you use genre this step won't be needed as it will auto populate the playlist. 

Downside it will only list 1000 tracks when you export it using sync. 

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