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ddjsx2 jog

 hello i recently sent a message to you about jog wheel issues on the ddjsx2 i did try your suggestion about setting the jog wheel sensitivity and it did not work ,however i may have some info for you that you guys can post on your site about this issue. i strongly believe that the jog wheel issue is related to grounding. i noticed today that when i touch and hold the jog wheel on the left and right side i felt a very slight electric current. so i put my other hand on the back of the unit where the ground screw is and the current stopped and i was able to scratch and use the jog wheels with no issues.but when i took my hand away from the ground screw then the issues returned. so i took a piece of wire and attached it to the ground screw and attached the other end of the wire to a metal part of my flight case and this solved and the issues went away. im still experimenting with this idea but it seems to be helping with this problem.. maybe you guts can pass this on and post this on your sight and pass this on to serato also. and maybe you can put this in youy manual and also start shipping a ground wire with these units.. by the way im aware that the ground screw is actually for grounding turntables . thank you hope this helps

cornelius reid

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