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Repair the display of a list of songs RZX PLEASE.....


For many months, RZX users have been asking for a correct display of the song list. The RZX screen only marks the last 2 songs in green. Please, mark all the songs played in green. That's why we decided to buy a model with displays to make our work places look like mine. There is no space for a laptop. Another problem is the inability to create a playlist where there are video and mp3 files. When playing events with video it is difficult and you know that RZX generates mp3 video itself. I still have a problem with the fact that after an hour of playing the songs, the master suddenly stops playing and the signal for the channel is let in.

Sebastian Kurek

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I reported it to Pioneer on 25th of  September, see the history abou it below:


  • sbherculanoSeptember 25, 2017 23:37

    In DDJ-RZX when using the track browser in center screen the tracks that were already played is inconsistent with Rekordbox information.

    Please look the attached pictures, Pic 01.jpg shows only 2 tracks marked as already played (green) but in Pic 02.jpg you can see Rekordbox screen showing that 4 tracks were played.

    In Pic 03.Jpg you can see that continue to mixing the information become more inconsistent, some tracks that were marked as played in DDJ-RZX lost this information.

    This is a very important feature for DJ and should be consistent what is marked as played in Rekordbox and DDJ-RZX center screen.

    Please fix it.

    Thanks in advance


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    Kunio TeramotoSeptember 26, 2017 23:01
    Dear Sir

    Actually, the browsing on the DDJ-RZX screen does not have all functions as rekordbox has.
    On DDJ-RZX screen, tracks which are being played appears in green color, 
    while all played tracks turn to green in rekordbox.

    We understand you want to see same on DDJ-RZX.
    Your request has been forwarded to the engineering team and added to the list for a future update.

    Feature requests from the users are prioritized by number of requests and its development cost and determined if it will be implemented when development starts.

    So we cannot guarantee when your request will be implemented.

    Best regards

    CRM, Pioneer DJ
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    sbherculanoSeptember 26, 2017 23:57


    Thank you for your answer, but sorry is not easy to accept this answer, let me explain why :)

    If all tracks stay white in RZX in this scenario your answer is acceptable because it would mean the functionality does not exist in RZX side and only in Rekordbox.

    But the point here is that you play 2 tracks it become green in both sides (RZX and Rekordbox), it means that the Software Developer tried to implement the same functionality in both sides, but they were not able to keep the marks synchronized in both sides and we have a Bug that causes inconsistency in RZX side.

    Of course I understood that is not easy to implement such functionality.

    Anyway, this is just a minor problem let`s say "nice to have" functionality, I understand very well that you have a lot of requests.

    So let`s keep it in the queue for possible improvements :)

    Thanks again.


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    Kunio TeramotoSeptember 27, 2017 03:42
    Dear Sir

    Thank you for your reply.
    Of course, we will continuously work on to improve rekrodbox and controller.
    This issue was added to the list for a future update.
    But we cannot implement all requested improvements at once.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Best regards

    CRM, Pioneer DJ
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That's a damn sexy setup you've got! Do you have any other photos online?

I've pointed this out to the engineers on that ticket, hopefully they can understand and make the appropriate changes.

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