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5.2 freezes all the time after logging to Dropbox

OS: macOS 10.12.6

RAM: 16gb

Processor: i5 2.49ghz

Graphics card: Intel HD3000

After downloading 5.2 beta 1, installer runs fine, and the first time I run the software everything seems to be OK. After logging into Dropbox and try to use the cloud storage feature, everything went wrong. Rekordbox freezed about five minutes later, after that, everytime I launch Rekordbox it needs about 7 minutes to start after clicking on the "Start Rekordbox Beta" button. After three or four minutes of use, Rekordbox freezes again, and usually it's forever, I have to force quit the program. I've tried to reinstall the beta, but the problem is there again.

Teo Tormo Answered

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Yes for me the same, if you stay logged out of dropbox everything works fine.

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