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Rekordbox 5.2 - Selective Library Sync possible?

It would be cool if we could choose/select which playlists you share via dropbox rather than the entire library.

For example, i might just want to share a few relevant playlists with my laptop for use on my travels but keep the majority of my collection only on my desktop computer at home.


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Yep, the notes on the beta site mention that they removed the Dropbox sync from the release version of 5.2

its a good concept to utilise the cloud but i think Pioneer need to figure out what they're trying to do with it first. Uploading your entire collection to the cloud just isn't practical for most people.

If your main 'desktop' library is around 1TB then most people just aren't going to have the hard drive capacity on a laptop to download 1TB data at the moment. You should be able to choose which playlists you want to sync/share rathe than the full fat library.

There needs to be a more elegant, customisable solution that Pioneer arrive at after understanding what DJs actually want/need.

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I only tested it with a small sample collection - even though I have a Pro Dropbox account with 1TB of space, I already have my music backed-up in there. Having it sync'd through rekordbox would make a mess of things, especially when all my music originates on an external drive to begin with.

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