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DJS1000 Master-Sync Bug?

Hi, there is no clear djs section on the forum so i just post here like the other guys did. DJs1000 is connected to 3 cdj2000nxs2 and a djm900nxs2. When i  choose as master some of the 3 cdj's and play something, the i sync the djs1000 to it - hit play on djs1000 - stop or lower the cdj's channel fader, correctly the djs1000 will be master automatically. But when i hit play again on some cdj - stop or lower the ch. fader of the djs1000 it still remains as master. 


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Yes, I have a similar issue, probably related:

I sync my DJS1000 up to my 2 CDJ3000s via PRO DJ Link via ethernet however, whenever I mix from one CDJ into the other the DJS1000 keeps assuming MASTER control.

Ideally when I mix one track into another on my CDJ3000s the MASTER should switch between the two CDJs only, with the DJS1000 only ever being in SYNC mode...

the problem is that when DJS1000 assumes 'MASTER' the CDJs lose the function where the active CDJ displays the other tracks waveform above

Surely there is a setting to ensure the DJS is only ever 'SLAVE' to the CDJs 'MASTER'?

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