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Smart Playlists for Videos? Combining MP3 & Videos into 1 playlist?

It would be great if Rekordbox supported Smart Playlists for Videos or at least be able to combine songs and videos in one playlist. Having to mix and jump from playlist to playlist kills my workflow.

I understand the new related tracks offers videos & mp3 suggestions.
I'm sure this feature can easily be added to smart playlists.


Xio Answered

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It is an important issue, and I spoke with one of the rekordbox engineers about this last week. He said it's difficult due to the design of the database, but they have been investigating ways of making it work without having to redo the whole database.

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Many have been asking for this since time began. Pioneer, it seems, does not deem this an important issue. I for one, feels this needs resolving urgently. Myself and many others, have invested a large amount of money into purchasing not only a DDJ RZX but also a high spec laptop as required for the purpose of playing videos. 

Incidentally, I have also recently purchased a Reloop Touch at about one fifth the cost of the RZX and can honestly say it's far better value for money. Hardware requirements are much less and it worked out of the box. Pioneer take note.......

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i have the same problem. Please Pioneer work faster...

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