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Rekordbox not reading iTunes Library, etc



I'm a Serato user interested in trying Rekordbox.

I just downloaded the software and wanted to start messing around quickly, but am not able to get Rekordbox to read my iTunes library. I only get a notice saying "The iTunes XML file specified is unable to be read properly."

Any assistance with this would be great, or a way to get my Serato crates to show up as Rekordbox playlists.

Related, if I have Rekordbox analyze my files, will this overwrite the Serato analysis (including cue points, loops, etc)?

Is there a way to get my Camelot key analysis from Serato to show up in Rekordbox?


Thanks for all of the help!

Michael Saltsman

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Chances are this is the problem:

Open your iTunes preferences and make sure that box is checked.

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The msg you get is either because the "iTunes Music Library.xml" is not in the place RB expects it to be in or it's damaged. In the latter case iTunes should not work from Serato either. You can set the location of the IML.xml in the RB preferences.


If you are on Mac than you are in luck, I've just finished a procedure to convert from Serato to Rekordbox that keeps you fully flexible and won't break the bank watch it at


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Thanks all!

Rekordbox had the wrong default location for the xml.


If I have Rekordbox analyze the files will it remove my cue points and loops when I go back to Serato?

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