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X1, Windows Laptop, Mixer DJM900

Hello guys, I have a big doubt.

I want to get the X1 and I just wanna use it with my laptop but I do not know what's the exact setup that I need for this.

For example: if I wanna use my laptop alongside with a X1, do I need a NI soundcard because I have to or what and why? If so, how can I set it up, what software/updates (what to update) do I need, what type of cables I need to connect the soundcard and where in the mixer?

I've got Traktor Pro, just wanna make it very simple with this setup.


Thank you.

Enrique Perez Answered

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Yep, you could use that as your audio interface for Traktor with no problem, just configure it for external mixer mode and assign the channels.

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