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DJM-S9 versus Rane 72 - My two cents

Hi guys, just ordered a DJM-s9 mixer.  I was debating between the Rane 72 Mixer (which costs more plus has a longer wait on preorder). 

I wanted a mixer that was compatible with both Rekordbox DVS and well as Serato DJ DVS and the Pioneer fits the criteria.  I wanted to make sure that the Pioneer mixer will work with the newly released Serato DJ PRO version and as per Pioneer's website, the latest driver and firmware updates on the mixer allow that to happen.  I was relieved seeing this because I didn't want to buy a new mixer that wasn't compatible with Serato DJ PRO.  I also love that Pioneer has been releasing incremental updates to Rekordbox DVS and it is very STABLE and in my opinion the beat gridding is so much more accurate (due to the ability to use the Dynamic analysis mode which is perfect for tracks with varying BPM or transitional tracks).  Also the Pioneer mixer is now compatible with Rekordbox DJ DVS as per Pioneer's website.    So for these reasons i've decided to buy the the DJM-S9 instead of the newer Rane 72 mixer (with which i'm just stuck with Serato DJ Pro as a software only).  

The only drawback I see if that one has to buy a Rekordbox DVS pack (unless u have one already) after buying the DJM-S9 mixer, whereas the Rane mixer comes already with the Serato DJ Pro license.  Also one would need to buy DVS Rekordbox vinyl seperately (which again the Rane mixer comes with the Serato DJ control vinyl).  

Those were my reasons to stick with the tried tested and true Pioneer mixer.  I don't really care for the touchscreen on the Rane mixer - it's so small that I wouldn't really use it anyways.  Other than that, the Rane mixer looks like a copycat of the DJM-s9 mixer.  

I would love to hear other people's thoughts on this.. 


Dj WitchDoctor

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Serato vinyl works just as well as RB vinyl. The RB vinyl is just a smidge tighter


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