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SP-16 Filter evolope

Hi All,


Like many ive come across on the FB group and Forums im struggling to find a use for my Toriaz and no one wants to buy second hand, so im just trying to find any use for it.


My current setup is



2 X RELOOP 7000


Few FX pedals


Is there anything anyone can recommend that the SP-16 can cover that isnt already there. Just a waste it sat there never getting used. 

I was thinking i could possible use it kind of like a synth but cant see anywhere to use the Dave Smith Filter as a digitally controlled envelope for one of the tracks. 

Scott Rotton

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> I was thinking i could possible use it kind of like a synth

I've had some luck loading up single cycle waveforms, then using the digital filter FX with the LFO faking a one-stage envelope. It works ok, You need the LFO in triggered mode, then choose a Saw and route it to "MULTI MODE FILTER CUTOFF".

(Although trying to preview the single-cycle waves is a nightmare because you can't preview with sample looping turned on. And it'd be nice if the LFO only showed FX prarameters for the FX you're actually using, most of the list of LFO destinations is taken up by parameters for FX that aren't even in use. They're just a useless waste of space, IMO)

It sounds pretty good, and you can play melodic parts this way where the tone doesn't change with the note -- nomally when repitching samples, the envelope timing of the sound and the timbre / formant change with the pitch, but using single cycle waves this isn't a problem.

It's a shame you can't just take the loop length down to single cycle/granular lengths without severe clicking (no loop crossfade or snap-to-zero options). But there are samples designed for use this way (the Adventure Kid ones are pretty nice) which loop cleanly.

There is no control over the analog filter except the knobs on the front panel. You can't route an LFO there. There's only one envelope and it's an amp env that can't be routed elsewhere.

You're better off getting a AS-1 to sequnce, or a volca bass or something. Still, it works.

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And no, most things it does, MASCHINE does as well. Most of the point of the SP-16 is that it's standalone. If you're willing to use a computer with a controller, MASCHINE is just better.

Maybe wait for the live sampling update and see about using it as a looper?

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