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Toraiz SP-16 & DJS-1000 Recording With Resample

I was really into a track and found that it would be really useful if when recording in RESAMPLE mode,we can adjust parameters since the unit does not have automation it would be awesome to adjust while recording on RESAMPLE mode to create the effect we want on the sample,for example i have a dry perc but want to add a reverb,delay or anything but want it to build up & not just have it throughout the play at one setting,that would be like creating an automated sample although technically is isn't automation but at least we can record on real time and delete the dry sample and have the wet effected sample to play with.Currently when recording we can not leave the recording screen, although on the DJS-1000 we have a few options like the FX off screen that does have reverb,delays,filters etc.but it still would be good there as well cause of the other on screen FX like ducker,flanger and a few others we may want to "animate".


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