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Toraiz sp-16 firmware update

I am since one week the owner of the toraiz sp-16. As easy to use and download samples from spice on a stick and then try to open it or store on internal Memory.

Is not Happening. Same as the Firmware update( have 1.00 in the machine) Have done like the download guide says, tried 2 new sticks set to fat 32 . get the blue ribon with message (connect usb  to port). stick flashes and nothing happens. Did try everything!!

Who can Help,

best regards, Tony henry

Tonnie Henry

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Hello Tonnie,

When you download the firmware update please make sure uncompress the file then copy the file to the usb drive in the ROOT ( Not inside any folder) 

Also when using external samples. copy the samples to the folder on the USB drive named SAMPLES. Then you should see them on the SP-16 when you insert the drive. 


Let me know if this helps.


Carmelo Figueroa
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Thank you for your help. I am much more older then the average user. It is for me much easier to disassemble my BMW r1200gs adv. I Need much more time to get used to the hard and Software. Do you have any suggestions to get my Project creator working. A better manuel would be much help..Your tip did the job


Best Regards,Tonnie

Tonnie Henry 0 votes
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Tony: try using the SP-16 in mass storage mode with a computer. This means using the square type-B 'printer port' USB connector on the back, with a mac or windows/linux PC. Once plugged in, you'll need to go to Utility settings (gear icon, top right) and scroll down to system->USB MASS STORAGE MODE.

This is something entirely different than using USB flash drives with the rectangular USB type-A port on the front.

Anna N. 0 votes
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