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Workaround for annoying SP-16 44.1k rate limit / request

After spending a good hour widdling my sample collection down to <8 GB and moving it on to the sp-16 I finally boot up and am greeted by a slew of "UNSUPPORTED FILE FORMAT" errors.

Did some googling and discovered it can only support 16bit/44.1k or 24bit/44.1k .wav and .aiff files. A lot of my collection is 32bit, >44.1k, or mp3s. I assume this limitation is due to the hardware but if it is modifiable I would like to strongly suggest support for higher sample rates.

As a workaround I found this excellent reddit post with a tool that will convert your files to a workable format and throw them in a new folder. See here and follow the instructions: https://www.reddit.com/r/synthesizers/comments/6rt9t9/here_is_a_batch_sample_bit_depth_and_sample_rate/ Credit to /u/pokemonfriends

I've tested it myself and it does work, but I had to make a quick edit to the bat file. You might not have to.


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This wouldn't be nearly as much of a problem if you could just scroll through a folder with mixed usable/unusable samples without getting popup errors constantly.

Pioneer, maybe consider just a red "no" sign, or strikethrough the sample name? And then you can throw big errors that pop up message boxes across the entire screen when someone tries to actually load an unsupported file, rather than just when they try and scroll past it.

Alternatively, a way to do sample conversion on the device itself would be great. The list of software licenses in the manual suggests that it's running some sort of embedded realtime linux, so surely setting up sox to convert to 44.1khz/16bit can't be that hard.

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