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Beta5.3.0 Sync Library Error code L001

Finally finished uploading to the cloud from one Macbook. everything seems to be there. logged in with my second macbook, all seems to work fine, then this error comes up:

Unknown error.

Error Code:L001


michel Answered

Official comment


The cloud sync feature is being put on the back burner for right now, hence the radio silence. We'll be looking at that again in the near future. Thanks!


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I paid 2 months for a dropbox account and now you say its not going to work out??


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Okay, its strange because i got it working!

this is the message i got from Pioneer:

HiroyukiYesterday at 05:23

Dear Michel,

"Error Code: L001" appears when

1. restoring a backup library before using the Library Sync feature. 
2. copying your library before using the Library Sync feature. 

In these cases, the Library Sync feature is not available because rekordbox cannot identify the library of each computer. Please remove all the libraries on the computer where the error code: L001 occurred. Then you can log in to Dropbox.
To remove all the libraries, please refer to:

As for slow export, it might be related to the library sync indeed. I will discuss this issue with our engineer and get back to you soon.

So i delated the files and start tje download and all the tracks and playlist are downloaded from the cloud service. Only thing now is that my music folder is in the file /Library/Pioneer/rekordbox folder and not at the original place.
Is there a way to change that back?
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