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Not displaying Playlists In Sub Folders In iTunes

This may still be just a bug or it may be a feature not included in Rekordbox yet, but from previously using Traktor this issue is a BIG problem for me.

I have many folders and subfolders with playlists in them on iTunes and the playlists display within the sub folder on other DJ-ing software but not Rekordbox, and as an example I have uploaded some screenshots to show that it works perfectly with Serato and Traktor already so surely this issue or feature should be available on Rekordbox!

The example in the screenshots is my International folder and as you can see they are all individual if needed but if you click on the main folder you can see all the sub playlists together so you haven't got to search individually through each playlist.  

I hope you understand what I mean and this issue/feature can be sorted like it is on the other big DJ software.



Paul-LH Answered

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Recursive contents are not yet shown (as you can see), but it is on the list for a future inclusion. Thanks for your feedback.

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