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Pioneer DJ product and upgrade feature They need to come up with.

Pioneer DJ is doing great and I loving what is going on with their software yet there are something they have to for sure address which can only make they sky rock to the top of DJ world. Wanted or not they need to come up with something similar in nature to "Serato flip" and fade in/fade out cue point as minimum. In the equipment end of things they should come up with a close dj-mixer version to the S9. A mixer that allow you to also use the software effect, Two channel but able to control 4 deck, Both and record output, Pads, and either capable of switching between two laptop and stand along. The last thing they have to come up soon is a CDJ with a actual spinning platter. To have the feel of a turntable is something that will not die and everybody is moving into needless spinning decks. I am sure I did not mention anything that they can not do at least staring this year with one of the mention feature or equipment. May I say that using the DDJ xp1 with a controller provide many advantages and the reason is because you can use the features the DDJ xp1 is capable of and as well the feature a controller allow you to use. This is why a mixer that have some of the function as a controller "The S9" can provide great benefit. I use the DDJ xp1 with the DDJ XS2 and boy you can do many thing since the DDJ XS2 functions can be use at any time and as well the DDJ XP1 functions.


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