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changes in playlist parameter

hey I'm new to rekordbox

but there something that bugs me and no one can fine me an answer

when i change the parameter for a playlist it affect all my other playlist

for exemple

if i want my hip hop playlist to be organise by bpm

and i want my EDM playlist to be organise by artist

it can't be done !

cause when i change one playlist it affect the whole library 

what can i do ?

in serato i could make one folder\playlist to be organise by bpm

and another folder\playlist organise by artist or by Key or even by Color

without it affect the whole library 

Orel DjBlackout

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That's in the request list, hopefully in a future version!

Thanks for the feedback.

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It would also be nice to be able to have different view preferences between the export and performance mode.

When I'm doing my homework in "Export" I like a smaller font. But while dj-ing a bit bigger. Not a big thing, but it would be so nice.

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